Sunday, January 17, 2016

Not Much….

Eight of us went to Sweet Darlene’s Resturant for breakfast.  It could seat us, feed us and at a real good price.  Everyone was happy, happy, happy. 

Next was K&N Tools for Carol & I.  She wanted a solar light for our entrance steps.  We got the rock one again.  The last one fell off a table and broke.

Next was to pick up Steve O’Bosky and head for Sharon & Don’s place.  Steve and I threw their old Datastorm off their rig.  It was old and wasn’t working at all.

Back to the rig after we dropped Steve back off at his rig.

Later for dinner eight of tried Silly Al’s.  We were there at 3:45 PM.  We were told at least a 45 minute wait.  We’re gone.  Next resturnat we pulled into was closed like in many forever.  Then it was to the Stagecoach as a last resort.  And it was.  Carol & I ate there last year and it was just so-so.  Well, they have lowered their standards this year.  We will not return.  They’re so called cook was not good at all.  Meals were just not that good and most were over cooked.  Oh well….

Back at the rig we all set out at the fire rings and continued solving the world problems.  No wind which was nice.

Tomorrow is another day.

See ya………..