Monday, January 4, 2016

RVing & Verizon

Over many years we have gotten good cell phone coverage with Verizon.  We were gonna update our service and phones BUT.  Verizon quoted me a price last week that equaled our present cost a month.  They called me back today as planned and now the price is $40 a month more.  The reason it went up is that they don’t have the phone Galaxy 3 any more and would switch to S5 and the increase in price.  Isn’t that called bait and switch.  Advertise one thing and when you say yes it becomes no longer available but we have this other one which is slightly higher in price but it’s so much better.  I went round and round with them for HOURS.  Bottom line… they screwed me 3 times and of that one time I can prove by their own notes.  Bottom line again.  No smart phone.  But I did look up their Hq phone numbers along with the big wig names.  Yes, I called and left two calm messages.  I won’t get any reply back probably.

It rained most of the day which means I have to get out and wipe down the RV because of it.  Nothing new there.

I went to Sam’s with Ed & Sandy in their Jeep around lunch time.  Yes we ate lunch at Sam’s.  A big hot dog and soda for a $1.70.   At Sam’s I talked with the phone guy.  He tried to look up my account but Verizon had it locked up where only they could get into it.  When we got back I called Verizon and they found out what I really thought of their tactics.  They unlocked my account and undid some of their unauthorized changes.

With the rain we just stayed inside for the day.

Tomorrow might be Mexico day.  We shall see.

See ya………