Saturday, January 23, 2016


This is a RV water pump.DSC_0002 

The wires run into a little switch centered here.  It went bad.  So 1st thing this morning I went to the Gambler store in Quartzsite for a part.  The Gambler is an old store that has little of everything new & used dealing with (dealing - pun intended) RVs.  They didn’t have my part so I bought a whole new pump.  I went back to our RV with a new pump in hand.  I took the part I needed off the new pump and installed it on the old water pump.  You ask why didn’t I just install the whole new pump?  Because out in the desert you don’t do more than you have to because if something else brakes then you are in hotter water.  Maybe down the road I will.  We now have running water and we are fine.DSC_0001

People have been asking about our fake fires.  Well, here’s the brand that Mark, Ed and I have and highly recommend it if you are in the market for one.  Suggest Amazon. DSC_0003

While I got “stuff” out, here’s the Carry Out sat dome that we got from Bill & Jan.  It will go in the Class C.DSC_0004

We decided to move on down to the RV Driving School rally.  On the way down we stopped at Don & Sharon’s place for a momment.  They had some Pressure Pro (tire monitors) parts that I could possibly use on the little RV.  Thanks guys.

We arrived at mile post 98 1/2 and drove into the desert again.  We found everybody in the original area that we use to use.  We use to host this rally years ago.  Here’s the main group.DSC_0007

Here we are on the back side of the group.  Plenty of scenery.DSC_0008DSC_0006DSC_0005

This guy stopped by to show off his trike.  He’s been working on it for 24 years.  It’s a keeper for sure.DSC_0011

Oh No.  The three Ameigos’DSC_0015

Yes, Carol doesn’t have her walking cast on.  She just started walking around a little bit without the cast on.

Now it’s Pot Luck time…..DSC_0017

Now this is someone he likes smoking pork butt like Mark & I do.  He’s showing us how to eat smoked pulled pork.  I had some then I had some more.  It had a real nice smoke flavor to it without the heavy spices.  It’s a thumbs up for usre!DSC_0019

Here we all are chowing down.DSC_0020

Then it was Mead tasting time.  Those who wanted to got to taste three types of Mead.  Plus there was some of Mark’s home brew beer and tap beer from Silly Al’s Pizza joint.

Some prizes were given out by George & Valerie plus Mark got a special badge.  It says he is the Intoxacator I think. DSC_0026

Then later the fire got going and some more “tasting” was going on.  At least that’s what I remember I think.DSC_0032

No more pictures were taken to protect the identity of some.  We won’t mention George’s name here.

My eyesight was a little blurry from the dust and smoke!  Thus I couldn’t see the clock but I think it was about 11 PM.

Now I’ve been up since 5 AM doing this blog and reading a few others.

This morning it will be off to the Bad Boys resturnat for breakfast.

See ya……………….