Tuesday, January 26, 2016

RV Slide Out Gears - JUNK

Today was kinda of just do little things and start planning to cook for the Escapees Boot Camp.  The Escapees have a real nice commercial type kitchen here at North Ranch.  It’s all available to cook for the Boot Camp attendees.  Mark & I decided what would be on the menu for two breakfasts and one dinner.  Breakfast is breafast.  Dinner well that is another story.  We’re gonna do a pulled pork dinner with cole slaw and beans, etc.   Myself along with some helpers will be preping and cooking 8 pork butts.  We won’t be heavy on the spices.

Carol & I didn’t do a whole bunch.  It was friggin windy as hell in the morning.  I did get in a 20 minute walk but won’t do that again when it’s wendy. 

Our large slide out gear brackets are coming apart again.  Swintech gearing – pure cheap junk!!!!!  I would not buy another RV that has ANY Swintech products on it.  PERIOD… I seriously do not think Winnebago or Swintech will stand behind them anymore.  We shall see in a couple of weeks.  Plus I got an engine light that stays on in the dash.  We will have to go to Cummins in Phoenix to check out when we leave here in a couple of weeks. 

Oh, I forgot to take pictures of here at North Ranch.  Maybe tomorrow.

See ya……..