Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pace Picking Up

The last two days have been a lot of little things going on in getting ready for the Escapees Boot Camp this weekend. 

Wednesday, Mark, George, Rick and myself went into Phoenix and got food for this event of about 70-80 some people.  We filled up a pickup and car full of food.  Mark wouldn’t let me get steaks so I got 8 pork butts.  I will cook them Saturday.

I got some time to fix my one large compartment door.  The wind did some damage to it two years ago and it’s just got where it really needed to be fixed right and now.  Since Ed had the right tools (rivet gun) it was time to fix it right and I did. 

I also removed three of my four outside water filters.  Our inside water pressure was low and removing them corrected it.  I will change to new filter inserts another time. 

I also changed the heavy duty safety cables on our hitch/tow bar for the car.  They’ve been doing damage to the car where they hook up to.  Ed had some extra cables that fit a lot better.  We traded.

Thursday evening it was time to go out and cut loose.  I think we did.  All of these vehicles are full of staff and helpers, about 20 or so.  We’re stagging so we can caravan to the local Mexican resturant in Wickenburg.DSCN1113

Here we all are deciding what to order.DSCN1114

The owner came out and sang Happy Birthday to Carol.  He loves to sing to his guests.DSCN1115DSCN111720160128_183102_resized

Other people were taking pictures.DSCN1116

They finally caught me feeding my face.20160128_183155_resized20160128_183252_resized

I think these two wanted to gulp down these cold drinks.  That’s George in the background.  He’s glad someone else is drinking and not him.DSCN1118

We all survied the night and made it home…. I think.

Carol’s Mom is in Baltimore and had to go into the  hospital.  Not really sure what it is.  Carol’s three brothers are there.  We are just waiting for a few days and will decide if we need to go out there.

See ya………….