Friday, January 22, 2016

RVing Is Saying Goodbye Alot

Let’s see……Jean & Claudette are leaving this morning.DSC_0002

There are 4 of us (rigs) in here.DSC_0007

Nice little kitty.  What a watch dog!DSC_0008

Here’s the current gang.DSC_0005

Oh no…here’s trouble….DSC_0012


Our circle is getting smaller..DSC_0003

The guys are talking…DSC_0013

The dog wants to go for a ride with Bob & TammieDSC_0014

There goes Jean & Claudette….So long for now.DSC_0015

Then Art & Caroline walked over to our area.  They brought a friend, Bruce.  He said that he saw a coyote right in our area earlier this morning.DSC_0016


Then later Carol & I down to the RV Driving School get together area for a visit.  It was nice seeing our friends from California.DSC_0018

We returned to our area and this guy was flying a lot closer and lower earlier.DSC_0019

We went to use our water in the rig and the water pump is really acting up again.  Yesterday I jammed a tiny rock in one of the connections and it worked until now.  I took part of it apart about 5-6 times.  No luck.  Looks like I will be in the hunt for a part or hopefully not a water pump tomorrow.

We’re not sure when we are leaving.  We have the ability (tanks) to stay until Monday.  Carol doesn’t think so.  We’ve been on our water tank for 12 days and our gray/black tanks for 8 days.  We are almost maxed out.