Sunday, January 3, 2016

RV Wash & Wax $99

Yepper.  Been coming here to Yuma for years and each time we get our rig washed and hand waxed for about $100.  We usually use Benjamin RV Wash.  They showed up today (Sunday) at 8 AM ready to work.DSCN1000Ed & Sandy got theirs done too.  DSC_0002Now we both have shiny rigs and wheels.  We got the car washed and waxed for $25 more.  It really looks nice.  Now next week we go to Quartzsite which is known for it’s dusty atompshere.  Oh well, it won’t be as hard to wash next time.  No, not the girls, the rigs!

We went to Yuma’s biggest flea market in the afternoon.  Carol hobbled around pretty good.  She did get tired so we left Ed & Sandy to do it on their own.  They had no problem being experienced marketers.

On the way back we found diesel for $1.85 cash and $1.90 charge.  I know where I’m gonna top off my tanks come Wednesday when we move to another park.

Caol & I just vegatated the rest of the day away.

OK….. I was curious what our yearly mileage was on our RV.  I looked this up on my fuel mileage tracker.  AND the answer is 9,003 miles.  It should even be lower for 2016.  Each year it seems to be dropping except when we go to Alaska.  We went to Alaska in 2014 and that year the miles were about 16,000 miles.  Something is wrong.  Fuel prices are droping and our yearly mileage is droping.  Shouldn’t it be the other way, fuel prices down and mileage up?

4:30 this morning (Monday) it started to rain.  I threw on my bath robe and went outside (51 degrees) and put away our chairs.  As I was going back in the rain stopped.  I wonder if it would have stopped if I didn’t put the chairs away.  One hour later the rain became steady.

Monday early moring we’re suppose to get a call from Verizon about getting smart phones and changing our calling plan.  They offered us two Galaxy 5 phones, unlimited talk & text, plus 12 GB plus 2 GB free per phone additional for ever.  Plus, Mom keeps her phone.  Cost about $130 + fees and that’s what we are paying now.  We shall see.  We’re not sure if we want to get any smarter.

See ya……