Monday, January 11, 2016

It’s Growing–No Not That!

Wow, fun is so much fun when we are with friends. 

Denny Orr and myself where up and at McDonalds by about 7 AM.  Yes is was cold in the rig like 54 degrees before I left. 

When Denny & I returned about 9 AM not much was happening.  I guess some people didn’t recover too well from the night before OR it was just too cold.

Mark Hall, Denny and myself went back into Qsite about noon or so.  We walked around at some flea markets, etc.  So far, Qsite numbers (people attending) is really down and noticeable.  Just ain’t as many rigs as usual about this time. 

Back at the rig we had Shade Pro come out for three new window awnings on our rig.  They will be back Wednesday to install.

I think we got about 22 rigs here today and it grows everyday.

Later in the afternoon it seemed like a lot of friends gathered between our rig, Ed/Sandy’s rig and Mark N rig.  I think we are out of the wind and have the sun on us.DSCN1028DSCN1031DSCN1033

Here’s Mark N with his balls.   Nobody is around him.  I guess his balls smelled like cheese.DSCN1038

Here’s your Escapees HOP Director, Lisa Kocca.  She needs to learn how to wear sunglasses?DSCN1041

Your welcome Lisa…..

See ya…….