Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Into Mexico – No RV

We haven’t ever taken our RV into Mexico.  Would I.  Yes.  Would Carol come along…NO.  Well, that ended any trips down to Mexico with the Escapees.  Oh well, that’s life.  Since Carol isn’t walking and chewing bubble gum too good right now, I went down with Ed & Sandy.  We parked in an Indian parking lot for $6 next to the border.  We then walked into Al Godones, Mexico.  DSCN1002It’s a border town that is surving on toursit trade and has been for many years.  Plenty of local cops.  DSCN1016I’ve been told that very little drug activity goes on here.  BUT, if you want to buy meds legally over the counter they are cheaper than U.S. meds.  If you want dental work they are cheaper.  If you want eye glasses they are cheaper.  If you want booze (Mx) it’s cheaper.  This is based on our experience with them for the last 10 years.  No, we have no favorites or regular places to visit.

We walked down this street. DSCN1007

Then we hung a right into this alley.  I’m looking back into the strret.DSCN1004

We came to this detnal shop.DSCN1003

Sandy went in first.  I think she really liked it.DSCN1006

After her, I had my teeh cleaned for $30 and left.

There is one place we like to eat.   A taco place which has good tacos, most places do.  Our place has character and we just watch while eating.DSCN1012DSCN1013

Next was to find an optical place.  I wanted some cheap glasses.  Here’s Ed going into the place we both got glasses.DSCN1014

I got a free eye exam and two pair of bifocal eye glasses (1 sunglasses) for $100.  They are not the upper end of glasses but closer to the bottom end.  Hey, that’s what I wanted – cheap.  I pick them up tomorrow.

Ed got 1 pair of fancy transitions and all that stuff and I think it was $100 including the eye exam.

The wait line to get back into the U.S. is always long since 9/11.  Not unusal to wait for a couple hours to get thru it.  This time we just about walked thru.  Maybe 15 minutes.  I took this pic of the Mexican border police.  It’s not real clear but you get the gist of it.  Protect those tourists.DSCN1017

Now it was back to the campground.  Sandy can ride in the back of a 2 door Jeep.  She got stuck getting out and I think she got out about dinner time.DSCN1018

I called Verizon because they sent me a generic letter, actually two of them with different bills.  They both had different amounts for our next monthly bill after their adjustments.  Both were over $40 higher.  Wait, we didn’t do anything – they did.  I hung up with them and we all went to Lins Chinese for dinner.  Great place and it ran about $25 per couple. 

After that I was encouraged by Ed & Sandy to go to Sam’s and talk with the Verizon rep there.  OK, why not.  I picked out two Galaxy S6 smartphones for $97 each.  When the rep tried to put them on my Verizon plan he said our phones said not eleigible for replacing.  I called Verizon and a hard time not telling them to shove thier Verizon where the sun don’t shine.  They got our present OLD phones on a digital plan that they can’t use, there not digital!  Bottom line… can’t do nothing unless I tell them it’s OK to change our calling plan AGAIN.  After an hour we were all tired and I beat on this deah horse long enough we left.  I put the phones back.  Verizon sucks in this whole affair.

Tomorrow we all (except Carol) go back to Mexico to pick up our glasses and more dental work for Sandy and extensive work on me.

Since we are having to go back to Mexico we all extended our 4 day stay here for another 4 days.  We had to cancel our reservations at Yuma Lakes (4 days), no bigee. 

OK, I will try this comment box again….hope it pops up with the blog…..

See ya…………..