Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Catch Up On Not Doing Much

News flash.  Yesterday, Carol & I went into town about 7 AM to do the wash.  She started the wash and I went and got us breakfast at Micky D’s.  Later we took the trash to the dump and then got some LP bottles filled ($1.99 gal).  Wait their’s more.  We got some water jugs filled at the water stations.  Yes, they have water stations where you buy water from a machine.  The water around here is not the greatest by far.  So, water is 25 cents a gallon and you bring your own containers.

Oh yea.  Ed & I dropped my new phone on some rocks.  No protection nor warranty on breakage.  Well, it didn’t brake so no bigee.  Carol & I ordered some phone cases and glass coverings for our phones from Amazon.  We will pick them up at North Ranch later.

We’ve learned how to make our phones hotspots for our computers and a few other neat little gizmos.  If someone tells me about a good app I hand them my phone.  That’s the easy way for me now.

We’ve been out in the desert for 10 nights now.  So far it’s been good.  Usually very little wind and the temps are approaching 70 degrees.  It just nice out here with friends.  This is among one of our best times out here with friends.  Thank you all……

See ya…….