Saturday, January 2, 2016

Move It, Move It, Move It

Here’s Denny & Susie who parked behind us on base.  We all had fun to include Don & Sharon of course.DSCN0997

250 miles to Yuma and we’re on the road about 8:15 AM.  Ed & Sandy and usins following.DSC_0001

At Exit 208 I-8 Sunshine Rd we got off and headed North about 2 blocks.  Ed went into the Pilot (diesel $2.05) and we went across the street to get our wheels shined.  I’ve been going to this little outfit for over 10 years.  $5 bucks a wheel to shine the wheels.  Man they do a good job.  About the time they were finished my wheels Ed & Sandy came and got theirs done too.  Shiny wheels are back again..DSC_0055

Then it wast westward ho again.  Construction of course…DSC_0005

Yea, the open road…DSC_0006DSC_0014DSC_0012DSC_0018

Bee hives next to the Interstate.  Why?DSC_0023

Oh yea…..DSC_0026DSC_0027

Carol loves how AZ decorates their overpasses. DSC_0032

Yes, we will be going down to Mexico via this route.DSC_0037

Then there’s the California ariculture inspection.  We had West wind all the way from Tucson to Yuma.  Pretty rare.  The tail wind gave us about 9+ MPG crusing at 70 MPH.  Yes, 70 MPH and it was so easy.DSC_0041

Immediately following this is this exit to our camp ground.DSC_0042DSC_0043

We got a 50 amp full hook up for $9 under AOR membership plus $5 surcharge for electric.  Rip….  Ed & Sandy got the same site hook up and paid $20 under Passport America.

As we were pulling up to our sites we were greeted by this Roadrunner.  How neat.DSC_0044


Now we’ve been coming here for over 10 years and have never seen this park so empty, not even close.  DSC_0051I think it’s because the Canadians are not coming down in droves like they usually do.  Their dollar value has really gone down.  Our dollar takes $1.37 Canadian money to be equal. Talk about devalue.  Now’s the time for us to go up there but not right now.  It’s a little chilly.

How much should I charge Ed for this shot of his Jeep in my shiny wheel?DSC_0055

See ya…….