Sunday, January 10, 2016

Up To Alaska …. I Mean Quartzsite

It’s 5:00 AM Sunday and I just published yesterday’s blog.  This is not an unusal time for me.  Why?  I would only be guessing for sure.  I can’t just lay in bed awake at this time so I get up.  I’m usually up and messing around on the computer.  I sometimes adjust our Street & Trips road/time schedule.  It’s just a rough idea of what we are doing in the future and how and when we might be gettting someplace.  I have all the way thru 2017.  Yes, 2017.  Remember, it’s a rough even of our 2017 trip to Alaska again.  I read other blogs and very seldom comment on any of them.  There’s no RV’s moving around or people walking their dogs at this time.  I make a cup of my special kinds of coffe and just really relax.  It’s quiet time for me.

So anyhow….. Ed & Sandy and us pulled us about 8:30 AM.  We stopped at Plying J Yuma to fill up.  Diesel was $1.91 with a Fly J card.  I topped off our LP too.  Along the way to Quartzsite Carol took some pictures….DSC_0003DSC_0006DSC_0009DSC_0010DSC_0014DSC_0020DSC_0022DSC_0023DSC_0028

And we arrived….DSC_0038

That night the kitty was ready for the cold weather..DSC_0042

A bunch of us went to Silly Al’s for dinner.  I could only eat one piece of pizza but the beer was no problem.  We were pretty routey.  Then back to the boone docking area we all went.  A few of us set out with our fire rings and just got stupid drunk.  At least that is what I was told.  Must have been the meds.

See ya……….