Friday, January 8, 2016

Verizon Sucks

Verizon sent our phones to Tx vice here in AZ.  They are really terrible.  If we had ATT and was thinking about switching to Verizon – NO FRIGGIN WAY.  We Found this out about 3 PM on Friday that our phones were setting in Texas.  I was very clear about shipping them to AZ.   I had them turn on our MiFi back on at their suggestion.  They didn’t tell me it would be a $15 charge for turning it back on.  They’re just not into customer care with us.  It seems like the people we’ve been dealing with think they know how to work a Verizon plan but it turns out they don’t know crap.  Then you never get to talk to the same person twice but the next person knows how to fix it.  BULL CRAP!

Anyhow, that morning (Friday) Ed/Sandy and us went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast.  We had fun ordering and then even eating.  I didn’t even slobber that much due to my new and first partial (teeth).

We then went to a LP place.  LP was $2.15 a gallon.  Then we went to Flying J for DEF.  I carry emty jugs but didn’t want to get in line with the truckers in a car.  RV diesel was $1.99 with a Flying J card.  Come Sunday we will fill up our home with diesel.  That sounds funny….fill our home up with diesel.

Then we stopped at one of the many RV stores here in Yuma.  We just about bought everything.  ED went for some LED tail lights ($9 ea). 

Back at the ranch Ed installed the lights.  One didn’t work and he went back and got it exchanged with no problem.  The tail lights work when the park lights are on.  BUT when the brake is applied the park lights go out and the brakes lights to not light.  Where’s Denny Orr….HELP.

Ed and Sandy came over later and we watched Only In America and Larry the Cable Guy.  He’s so funny doing his show and we laughed a lot of course.

So that be it…….

See ya…