Saturday, January 9, 2016

Before We Leave Tomorrow

Today (Sat) we started out by going out for breakfast.  We found this little dinner downtown Yuma.  Carol & I ate here over 10 years ago.  DSCN1025DSCN1026DSCN1027

Ed/Sandy and us had the $3.99 breakfast and it was plentiful and good.  They had severals options for the $3.99 breakfast.  Highly recommend this place.  We got to eat in the train car and they have a large room attached to it.  Again highly recommend it.

We went to the Flying J to get gas and see if we could get in the truck lanes to get DEF.  I have the containers but too many trucks to deal with.  Gas was $1.98 with the Flying J card.

From there we went to La Mesa RV for Ed to harass the salesman.  Been there, done that.  He was looking for them to give him a class C.  They didn’t and we left and went back to the campground to rest from the hard morning.

In he afternoon it got into the high 50’s and sunny.  Ed & I sat in the sun drinking cold beers and BSing.

For diner I had a can of soup.  It was a lot easier to eat than regular food.  I’m getting use to the partial (dental) but it is still a little sore from the extractions and crown before hand.

Se we all came to the conclusion that we will pull out about 8:30 Sunday.  Carol & I like being on the road about 8 AM and ED and Sandy about 9 or so.  We all adjusted to 8:30 we will start our 100 mile trip to Quartsite with a stop at Flying J to top off our fuel tanks.

See ya………….