Sunday, January 31, 2016

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

We’ve been real busy the last three days helping with the Escapees Boot Camp here at North Ranch, Congress, AZ.  I’ve been the kitchen coordinator.  People said I was the head cook.  Nope.  I considered myself more of a planner, timer & coordinator.  I did very little cooking.  I did have some special ideas that were incorpriated in the cooking of the food.  Bottom line – all of the kitchen staff did an outstanding job and we all got the job done of cooking for about 90 people.  We had biscuit with sausage gravy, blueberry pancakes,  scrambled eggs, hot pulled pork on two types of buns, my special cowboy beans, sausage patties, bacon, hot oatmeal, cold cerals, fruit, pastries and a few other things I can’t think of over the course of 3 meals.  Helpings were very large.  Nobody went hungrey.  The students and staff loved each meal for sure. 

Yesterday, Sunday, Mark put on a pizza party for the kitchen staff and instructors.  Carol’s 65th birthday was also added as a surprize party for her.  She got sang too and even presents.  It was really fun for all.  It’s been a lot of hours of “fun working” and was appreciated by all.  Thanks guys for being yourselves and doing an outstanding job.

All is well….

See ya…..