Thursday, January 21, 2016

Best Breakfast in Quartzsite $$$

Ed, Jean, Claudette, Carol & myself went to Bad Boys Cafe for breakfast about 8:15 AM. DSCN1091

It’s on Kuhen Rd where all the vendors are along both sides of the road across the road from the big tent.  We waited 15 minutes.  Carol & I split a veggie omlet with hash browns and it was more than enough for us. Coffee is 25 cents.  We think it’s the best deal in Quartzsite.

Then we went looking at the vendors across from McDonalds.  Same ole same ole.

Back at the rigs Sandy arrived from her advetnure.  She had to go see if she would be selected for jury duty in Prescott.  Nope she didn’t have to and she spent two nights at their place at North Ranch.

For dinner the heard went to Three Families Resturant.  The eight of us had about a 15 minute wait.  Service was slow due to the normal crowd that was there like this time of the year.  I had the open face hot roast beef sandwhich which was really good.

On the way back to our spot we stopped and saw Art & Caroline.  To get here it cost them a diesel engine rebuild and a Honda 2000 generator.  It was stolen while their medium duty truck was being worked on.DSCN1095

Afterwards we went back to our little spot and set out with our fake fires for awhile.

All is good…

See ya….