Friday, January 1, 2016

RVing Fun–More More

New Year’s Day.  First New Year’s Eve….DSC_0004

Now Susie has a bad leg too.  Add Carol and you got two gimpies hobling alonr so we couldn’t do much walking.  The guys said that was cool!  Don’t look like Susie is in much pain here.DSC_0005DSC_0006DSC_0007

Then New Year’s Day.  Breakfast at our local resturant.  We get eggs, taters, toast for $2.99 and it’s good.  It’s hard to ruin eggs and taters.  Here’s the girls outside at the resturant.   Bright eyed and busy tail of course.  DSCN0994

Here’s how Carol started here day off.  Go Girl!20160101_093142_resized

Then we did little things during the day.  We sat out some.  We let the cat out and put her in her tent. 

Here’s the talk of the park.  House window, a little tin, rivets and some paint you got a new front end.DSCN0995

Later I was trying to adjust the angle of a tire sensor and broke the vavle stem on the inside dual wheel on the RV.  Uh oh… I called Coach Net and someone was here within the hour.  New Year’s Day!  He fixed the vavle stem and aired the tire up.   No bigee.  Didn’t cost me a dime. 

I started filling our fresh water tank.  I forgot and went and took a nap.  Hey, I was sleepy.  Carol figured out what was happening when the water over flowed.  Hey, not even my short term memory is that good anymore.  Hey, not even my short term memory is that good anymore – see.  I could have been washing out the black water tank and had the vavle closed and took a nab.  Then I did the dump and put everything away.  It’s too cold to do it in the morning before we leave.

I also washed the wheels on the RV.  They were pretty dirty from driving in the wet snow the other day.  I hope to get them polished tomorrow and didn’t want that grime polished into the wheel (scratches).  I hope this old guy still polishes wheels in Eloy, AZ.  We will do a stop and see.  Ed Kruty wants to get his done too.  Hey, $5 bucks each wheel.  That’s hard to beat.  Plus I called Benjamin’s RV Wash in Yuma.  His crew will wash and hand wax our rigs for $99 each Sunday morning in Yuma.  They’ve done ours before.  Try and beat the $99 for wash and hand wax!

Now we all got together for dinner like we did the night before in our rig.  This time it was Don’s and Sharon’s turn.  Don cooked a turkey that was really really tender.  I think it just might be the most tender turkey I ever had.  Either that or the short term memory is kicking in.  Nah, it was really god.DSC_0010

We are ready to rok and roll tomorrow (Saturday).

See ya………….