Friday, January 15, 2016

RVing Off The Grid

One of the reasons we come to Quartzsite is to be with friends that we don’t normally see for many various reasons.  We also come here to be away from everything and watch nature grow and listen to the quiet – sorta off the rid as much as one can be in Quartzsite.  How far off?DSC_0006

Ed/Sandy and us are parked right up to that sign looking West…DSC_0002

Here’s looking East….DSC_0003

Here’s looking NorthDSC_0004

Looking South we see RV’s.  So we are sorta off the grid but not all alone.DSC_0005

This morning we went to the Bad Boy’s resturant on the tent side of Qsite.  It was crowded but service was good, price was real good and we got a table.  It was Carol & I, Ed & Sandy and Mark.

We went back to our rig and got ready to move the 15 miles or so.  We first stopped and a local commercial place and did a dump of grey and black water tanks.  That cost $15.  We didn’t need water and that cost would have been another $5 but we had enough to get by.

We got to out to the area first.  Then Ed & Sandy arrived.  We got all set up.  The wind was blowing today but that will be the last for awhile.  Sun down Jon & Sue Glick arrived with their new 25’ tow behind.  Tomorrow we will get a tour.  A little later the “Wilons” showed up to visit.  Ed & I broke out the LP fire pits.  We ALL set out and fixed the world problems as usual. 

It was a nice gathering of friends and enjoying being kinda off the grid.

Tomorrow the Big Tent opens and we will be there to do a quick lookie lou.

See ya……………..