Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Since our Verizon billed ended on the 18th I expected to see a bill today.  Nope.  Why are some computers slower?

Here are some more pictures that are porbably out of order but who cares anyhow.  Breakfast….one day….maybe yesterday.  ?DSCN1081DSCN1084

Then lunch at Silly Al’s…the gang!DSCN1088

Boys and their little toys.DSCN1089

I blurred this picture so you couldn’t tell who it is.  He’s suppose to be at work.  Don’t worry Mark.  We won’t tell a sole.DSCN1090

For dinner I warmed up some smoked pork loin for our gang at our sites.  I thought it was my smoked  pulled pork until it thawed out.   Everybody brought something to share and it was all good.

We stayed outside and someone broke out the Fireball.  Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Glad I don’t drink that stuff.  Girls seem to go crazy over the drink.  It started to sprinkle later and it scared everyone into their rigs.

See ya…..