Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fulltimer & Reservations

I attempted to make reservations for May along the West coast of Oregon.  It’s early in the season so it shouldn’t be a problem.  Well I was right but wrong.  We belong to the RPI membership campground system along with others.  I called RPI to make two reservations and they said I would have to call Thousand Trails (TTN) because the parks belong to them.  I called TTN and they said they would not make the reservations unless I wanted to upgrade my TTN membership for $3,995.  I said no I just wanted to make reservations for the parks under the RPI system that I have been a member for about 10 years.  They said no and that was the end of that – kinda but I don’t need to go into anymore details.  I then made a few adjustments in dates/places and called another membership campground system (AOR) and made reservations with them for other parks.  We now have reservations thru May.  Of concern is Memorial Day weekend.  It can be hard for a full timer during this time to find a membership campground.  Membership campgrounds don’t except non-members during holidays.   TTN will except their members at any park and that is good.  We will be staying at TTN Paradise, Oregon during Memorial Day weekend for up to two weeks if we want.

During June we have no reservations and will be traveling East to Gillette.

In the evening Bruce and Sue came over and we all sat at Sandy & Ed’s O.F.F. (old fart fire) fire ring (LP).  We shared a lot and had some good laughs.  We all left about 9 PM when it was getting a little cool and the fire machine ran out of LP.

See ya…..