Thursday, May 23, 2013

Indian Fulltimers

I would say Indians were fulltimers for many years.  They enjoyed the freedom of movement, the land, lived in portable housing, had campfires and even ate out a lot! 

Carol & I got in the Jeep and went looking for adventures.  We came up on the Oregon Trail.  We even drove the Jeep on the actual trail in BLM land.  It wasn’t to rough in the Jeep but a wagon would have been a head banger.  We ended up at a historical place called Glenns Ferry, ID.  It’s one of the most dangerous river crossings on the Oregon Trail.  Pioneers forded the Snake River at the Three Island Crossing.  Shoshone and other Indians were peaceful at first and offered their experience and help to the settlers.  In time they were taken advantage of thus Indian uprisings.  It’s a sad part of this country’s history that is over looked even at Glenns Ferry.  My Mother’s Father was full blooded Indian from Oklahoma.   I forget the tribe.  I guess that makes me part Indian.  Maybe that's where I get the love of full timing from.  You know, the enjoyment of the freedom of movement, enjoying the land, live in portable housing, campfires and even eat out a lot!

I took the camera but forgot the SD card.  It was still in the computer.  I guess we will have to do it again.

Congrats to Kathy Ford.  She is retiring from the school system near Baltimore, MD.  They are RVers and boaters.  Now if Butch (her husband) can figure out how to take  a boat with their RV they would be set.  Their first big trip will be to Yellowstone in July.  Our paths will cross.  Hold on Butch!

See ya…..