Thursday, May 9, 2013

Time To Go

Today’s our last day here.  It’s been quiet with nothing going on.   Maybe that’s why this place is OK, not good just OK.  106 miles to a Coast To Coast park Chinook Bend that we have never been before.  Carol says yes we have.  I say I have to see it and it’s been years.  This is always interesting.  As long as they don’t have big dogs tied to picnic tables with blue tarps over the rigs, not too many empty beer cans in the sites and real smoky campfires, it will be fine.  Hey', it’s 10 bucks a night.  Since we got full hook up with good water here we will leave here with a 1/2 tank of fresh water and empty tanks.  Then after this Chinook Park we go into TTN Pacific City for four nights.  They got water and electric so we will dump as we go in.  We’ve been there several times in years past.  I will have to put my portable satellite together and see if it works.  I got it in pieces at free tables at campgrounds.  I know it’s a little late.  If It don’t work, oh well.

I’m getting ready to turn officially old this weekend,  the big 65.  Boy that seems old and it is!  I will have to find a Denny’s Restaurant and get my free breakfast.  I already got myself a birthday present.  It’s a real nice camera tripod that will hold my camera with the big 500 mm lens.  I think I will keep my eye out for a remote switch for my camera.  I forgot to ask at the last camera shop I was in.  I know - get it on line.

Denny & Susie Orrr called us last night.  They’re in Tok, Alaska now.  Here’s their blog   way early and a lot of things are not open yet.  They just missed a major blizzard last week en route to Alaska.  Over all are enjoying everyday and everything they see even though it’s ice or snow covered.

see ya…