Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Full Timer’s Dreaming

I woke up to sunshine, dry and warm temperatures and a shiny rig and Jeep.  We have 50 AMP full hook up with a cement pad.  Carol had fixed me breakfast with taters and started a pot of hazelnut coffee.  Yes, I was dreaming.  It was cloudy, wet, cold, no breakfast and no coffee.  Oh well, I enjoyed the dream.  I’m starting to remember why we don’t come out to the NW coast in May.  A few more days and I should regain my memory fully.

We carry a small safe underneath.  It’s not used as a safe but rather a firebox.  We keep our important papers in it like marriage license, birth certificates, etc.  Of course Mac The Fire Guy says it’s worthless in a big fire.  With that in mind, I will try to remember to keep our fires small.  I had to get a document out of the safe.  It’s way back there.DSC_0001

I had to take “stuff” out.  DSC_0003

Well, I might as well take everything out.DSC_0004

If I got everything out then it’s time to rearrange.  We had gotten a lounge chair, a 2000 watt Honda generator and a 6 gallon gas tank for it.  Plus, it’s not raining.  All this new “stuff” had to find a home.  It did and the Jeep is empty again.

Later that evening it was time to pretend we were weekend RVers.  First we cooked our dinner on the barby.  Later we had no wind, firewood and a pit ay our site.DSC_0006

We made a nice fire with REAL wood.DSC_0007  

But there’s more!.  They got a heated indoor pool here.  Yepper, we went for it.  The pool was heated but not enough for us after awhile.  We then headed for the outside hot tube.  Now that was really heated.  When was the last time you cooked on a grill, had a camp fire, went swimming in a heated pool and then into a spa all in one evening?  The last time we did something similar to that was on the East Coast (Cape Hatteras) years ago.  We were with Carol’s brothers (& families) but we couldn’t remember when that was.  Was this all a dream again like this morning.

Gotta go back to sleep…see ya…..