Monday, May 20, 2013

Full Timer’s Day

Here’s our site last night near the Idaho state line.  Not to shabby for a rest area.  It was quiet too. DSC_0003

These people have good taste in colors.DSC_0001

And we are off and running.  We decided to go to Mountain Home AFB.  It’s a first come first serve campground that’s on base out in the boonies.  Only retired military are allowed.  Pics along the way…DSC_0006

I never thought about selling “BULL”.  I wonder if I could sell some of mine?  I got a little extra.DSC_0009


Look out truckerDSC_0010


A little fixer upper…DSC_0014 DSC_0017

I like the color…DSC_0019

There’s two antelopes in this pic.DSC_0020

More open space..DSC_0023

After 125 miles we arrived via the back gate.  We are out in the boonies.DSC_0025

There is life out here…DSC_0028 DSC_0031

We settled into our site which is a pull thru 50 AMP FHU with a cement drive-on pad, green grass, picnic table and a barbeque.  Not large sites but very planned out sites.  Cost is $90 for a week and we got a week for now.  Pics tomorrow.

This base is active with jets of course.  Carol and I went for a walk about 8 PM and this base was very dead.  No activity except for a jet taking off ever so often.  The Burger King closes at 9 PM.  It’s a full facility base meaning that they have a commissary (grocery) and exchange (mini walmart) stores.  The base also have a car wash and self help auto shop and a gas station.  Gas was $3.55 and diesel was $4.05.  We filled the Jeep up.

I washed the bugs off the front end the bucket method and put on the windshield cover.  The rig is dirty with road rain grime from Oregon.  Washing of vehicles is not permitted so I will use the bucket method over several days.  Too much for one day and I’m in no rush.

See ya….