Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Now What!

Nuttin honey.  We don’t have anything planned, absolutely nuttin.

I forgot to mention that I weighed the rig 3 times in Oregon en route coming here.  Oregon you can weigh at the state scales if they are closed.  They leave everything turned on so you just drive on the scale an axle at a time.  The weight is up on a LED sign.  It’s pretty neat. 

We also got a good chip in the windshield.  It’s a half moon about the size of a dime (no runners) about 6 inches from the bottom on Carol’s side.  We will get it repaired when we see a chip guy probably in Gillette.

Yesterday getting here the wind was behind us and pushed us here.  That was nice.  I think we were getting 99 MPG.  the wind is still blowing today but the temps are in the 70’s & 80’s.  We can handle that.

According to second hand info the base is really cut back in flying hours.  Thus, not as many personnel are needed.  They’ve closed down two of the three on base schools.  Closed the base theater and spent money on the two gyms here.   I don’t think I’m going into a gym any time soon. 

Since I need to loose weight I shaved then went and got a haircut.   It didn’t help.  The haircut was $6.85.  I liked that a lot.  Then we went into the commissary and bought fat food.  It just don’t figure.

They say that this AFB, Mountain Air Force Base, is located 4 miles from hell.  It is out there for sure….

These little guys are all over the base.DSC_0001 

So are these stickers…. DSC_0003

We’re in there some where.  Yes, near the train tracks.  These haven’t been used in many years though.DSC_0002

Our kitty likes to hide sometimes.  She’s next to her bud the bear.DSC_0004

See ya…..