Saturday, May 18, 2013

Don’t Rain On My Parade

Yepper, it’s raining.  I know you get tired reading about the rain but that’s better setting here in it.  If it got any greener around here it would turn into money.  Thank goodness we don’t have any leaks in the Beast.  In that Tiffin we had it would have been another problem probably.

Carol & I, yes I said Carol and I are thinking about down sizing our home (RV).  Maybe between a 34 and 36 foot and probably a diesel.  If the gas models could get their honest carrying capacity over 2,500 lbs – maybe a gas.  We want to see the Winnebago’s Journey 36 and Tiffin’s FRED 33A.  YES, it’s Tiffin.  I think they were the floorplans.  Just looking….. It must be the rain…….

The rain stopped and the parade (2 hours) was on…free hot dogs and chips right behind us too..DSC_0004-001

The kids got tired of waiting so they just laid down.DSC_0009

And…they need to update their equipment…DSC_0005

Who should follow the horses…DSC_0011

Yepper, this place knows how to save money. Work them inmates with those shovels.   They were followed by police…..DSC_0012

Or maybe this purple guyDSC_0024

They had a cat for CarolDSC_0026

Big marching bandsDSC_0033

This band everyone was over 60 years old.  I think they were followed by the rescue EMS truck.DSC_0035

Isn’t that interesting.  I didn’t think they knew I was here.DSC_0038

This dog isn’t getting enough sun light.DSC_0039

I think it’s a new style rain coat.DSC_0041

These gals had it together……WOW!DSC_0045

Oh yea…..they had a bunch of Corvettes too.DSC_0050

I know where the Escapee clowns went to…here!DSC_0052

Here’s a kid enjoying the parade.DSC_0056 DSC_0059

You know it’s a parade if Mickey D is in it.DSC_0064 DSC_0067 DSC_0068 DSC_0072

He will be back.  He enjoyed his first parade.  Good thing I can’t hear real good out of that right ear of mine.DSC_0086

See ya….