Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Filled That Black Water Tank!

I don’t know how I didn’t gain any weight from all that food I ate yesterday.  Not even one pound gain this morning.  Of course our black water tank got a good work out.  Oh yea, add toilet paper to the Walmart list.  I might have to break out my skinny clothes soon.

Love these A/C’s with heat  pumps for night time heat.  We got three and it’s nice when the temps stay above 40 degrees.  They’re relatively quiet and with three we can move the heat around when we want too.  We also have a LP heater hook up inside that Ed Kruty set up for us.  That will be used for real cold weather or no hook ups like up in Alaska.  We also have the hydro hot diesel heating system which is nice but expensive to run on a continued basis like for heat.  But we do have it.  We run it for a few minutes for real hot showers normally otherwise we use electric hot water for like washing dishes, etc.

We bought another week here at Mountain Air Force Base, ID for $90.  Buy 6 nights ($15 ea) and get the 7th night free.  From here we will go visit Dave & Brenda Neil in Thayne, WY for a week.  They have daily line dancing at their park so Carol was VERY FINE with that.  Plus Dave & Brenda are fun of course.  After that we will head for the Tetons and stay there for a few nights (boone docking).  We will use our newly installed inside LP heater system there for the first time too.  Maybe we can get that Jeep out and around there on those forest fire break back roads which can be pretty nice.  Forest fire break back roads – that’s a lot to say.  Anyway….then we will have a couple of days to get to Gillette.

Our plans after Gillette are up in the air because both of our Mom’s are having problems.  They’re at that age when a lot of things are happening and it’s a day by day thing just about.  Carol’s Mom is in Maryland and mine is in Texas.   We will see.

See ya…..