Monday, May 13, 2013

KISS It…..

Who woke up the money hungry gas companies. Fuel was coming down in price, slow but coming down. Where I was going to get fuel next it jumped up 15 cents a gallon in less than two weeks. What's up with that? From here to Gillette, Wy it will now cost us an extra $50 in fuel. That does not mean we will change our travel plans. It means we will spend less money else where like eating out. Maybe boone dock a little more. Or waiting longer to get that "thing" for the RV. It's that simple! We won't let fuel prices change our travel plans. Just what we spend as tourists. A lot of full time RVers are tourists but professional tourists. Meaning we watch our pennies more than someone might on vacation for a week or two once a year or so. We're on vacation the whole year and it's great! So, a lot of us do watch our pennies but don't change our travel plans because of fuel prices alone. Keep it simple with out a lot of thought.  Keep it simple stupid method (KISS).  Weather will change our plans quicker than fuel prices going up. 

Speaking of weather.  Only in the 50’s this week and 40-70 per cent of rain everyday.  Our next stop will be In Salem and not whole bunch better there.  OK, I give up on keeping the Beast and the Jeep shiny for now.  Yes, it will be hard for me.

Today we got in the Jeep and went sight seeing.  I don’t think we’ve driven the Jeep in the rain.  In water yes but not rain.  We just found the inside cab night light didn’t work the other night when we drove it at night and opened the door and the inside stayed dark.  It took us a few nights to figure where that switch was.  I think we figured out all the switches now.  True this Jeep had only 3 options, AC, automatic & hard top, but it still has too many bells and whistles for us.  For instance it tells us how many miles we can go on the remaining fuel in the gas tank.  I just look at the fuel gauge…duh.  It tells us how many hours we have driven on the current gas tank.  I have no reason what so ever why I would need that.  The dash lights up and tells me if I’m in 4 wheel drive or not.  I just look at the floor lever that indicates 4 wheel drive next to it…duh.  I guess we are simple people and simple minded in a good way.  Keep it simple stupid (KISS) method.

Anyhow, enough moaning and groaning……I love these shots on the beach.  We were the only ones out there.  What does that mean? The tide was coming in.  Not a good time to get stuck.DSC_0008 DSC_0009-001

We went north and it was foggy and wet most of the time.DSC_0014-001

I was given permission to cut the cheese here.DSC_0016-001

All my pictures inside turned orange for some reason.  Everything was pure white in the factory even the people.DSC_0019-001

 DSC_0029-001 DSC_0025-001

See ya…..