Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Losing It – Nope - Lost It!

Misplaced my Viet Nam cap, misplaced my “To Do List”.  Misplaced my memory and my mind.  With all that misplaced stuff I think I’m now OK.  I was way to organized for awhile.

Being that our schedule is in jello with reservations even, we changed out schedule a little.  We will be going to one of the Elks near Salem, OR  for 16-18 May.  It’s Art Fennell’s lodge and it came highly recommend. 

Today I worked on my water pressure regulator.  It’s a house regulator with a gauge on it and another after it.  Both gauges were not working anymore.  The gauges seem to work for about a year or two and then go bad.  I’ve had the oil filled and such but they all have their drawbacks.  No more expensive ones.  Hello Lowes.  While I‘m working on it, I use the old stand by cheap but metal regulator.  I should test it when I get my regular one up and running.  I like to know the water pressure before and after the regulator at the water faucet.  I have my regulator set at 60 lbs.

The sun came out and the temps were in the mid 60s.  The wind came back around late afternoon and the calm before was nice.

Just a slow relaxed day.

See ya…….