Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sand, Fish & Crabs

Today we went North to see what’s happening and just to enjoy the drive.  A lot of sand dunes.  We went into this park and sand dune area.  We could have gotten the Beast into most of the campsites which were all empty.DSC_0004


With stock Jeep tires we didn’t go to far into the soft sand.  I just didn’t feel comfortable enough and nobody around to pull us out.DSC_0001


We went into TTN South Jetty to check it out.  We were glad we didn’t have reservations to stay here.  We did find this motorhome and it looked real good.DSC_0005

It was a very bright & polished.  Setting in the shade made the pictures look like it wasn’t but it was as shiny as my wheels.  The green colors are reflecting off the trees.DSC_0006


This is going into Reedsport via a bridge.DSC_0008

On the way back we stopped at Winchester Bay for lunch at a pier restaurant.  We both had fish & chips but not a wow factor just an OK.  It’s early in the season and nothing is really crowded.  We were told the season starts getting real busy Memorial Day Weekend and doesn’t stop until Labor Day.

We got back to our campground pretty early.  The campground bar had Taco Tuesday so we gave it a try.  A bar is a bar.  The tacos were $1.50 and the beer was a $1.50.   I think this older woman at the bar was $1.50 too.  The beer was real cold so it was good.

Today’s high was 58 degrees.  No wonder there’s nobody around…….duh….

Tomorrow I might go crab hunting and not at the bar!

See ya…..