Friday, May 3, 2013

Sweets & Wontons

It’s Friday and time to move.  125 miles to the Elks in Redding, CA.  It was a pretty nice short drive.  First we had to stop at this bakery in Bangor, CA for Carol.  She got her sweets and we were on our way again.DSC_0002

It was a little smoky from the fires down south.DSC_0008 DSC_0010

I saw a TV special and farmers were complaining how there bees were dying and thus hurting their crops.  Well, if they wouldn’t set the hives up so close to the interstate there might be a few more bees…duh.DSC_0011

We stopped in this little town (?) to take a short break.  I saw that there was a barber across the street and had cheap haircuts.  I needed one so what the hell.  The barber was 82 years old and had been cutting hair for over 60 years.  He said he’s still cutting hair because he didn’t want to set home.DSC_0013 DSC_0014

We arrived at the Elks and got situated.  It’s $20 for 50 AMP, water and a dump is nearby.DSC_0019 

Low and behold here comes Ed & Sandy.  DSC_0022

There goes the neighborhood.DSC_0021

It was pretty hot and we ran two AC’s to get the inside temp down.

We went Ed & Sandy later to Trader Joe’s.  We got some white Basmati rice from India and chicken cilantro wontons.  What the hell.  When we got back I cooked it up and we had it for dinner.  Carol & I really liked it.

It was a quiet night even with a nearby train of course.

See ya……