Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bucket Wash/Which Way Do We Go?

Well, the wind died down a little but not much.  I wanted to do some more washing of the Beast to get rid of some more Oregon wet road grime.  I looked where I did a little washing a few days ago.  Guess what?  The sprinkler system evidently has came on during the night.  Yes, the water is very hard so I got water spots on clean areas and the dirty areas of the Beast.  I went on a sprinkler head hunt.  I found five and laid big rocks on them.  I did some more bucket washing.  I change the soapy bucket water often, use a wash pad and then dry the washed area with a wet damp micro fiber.  It works pretty good.  The trick is to change the soapy water often and the micro fiber cloth too.  I’ve done about 3/4 of the lower coach where I can reach or bend over.  I need to finish the bottom then do the top of the sides on a ladder.  then I get on the roof and do the overlap.  About 4 hours left at least.  I did clean and shine 4 of my 6 wheels of course.

I watched the little boys NASCAR race.  It was OK except Kyle Bush ran off with it and won.  Tomorrow the big boys race and then there is the Indy 500 too.

Carol & I are working on our schedule for the next 2 1/2 weeks.  We were gonna go straight to Gillette.  Then we were going to go up to Great Falls then to Gillette.  Now we think we are gonna  go straight, kinda, to Gillette.  That means a another stay here of additional 7 days.  Then head for Thayne and stay 7 nights.  Then up to the Tetons for 3 nights, 1 night in Casper then arrive at Gillette.  We will decide for sure, kinda, Monday when we pay for another 7 days here.  These are full timers dilemmas – routes and when.  Ain’t it great!

See ya..