Monday, May 27, 2013

Popeye’s Day


Last Monday I weighed 215 lbs.  This morning I weighed 202 lbs.  Today was my day off from weight watching and I wanted Popeyes spicy chicken especially since they have a facility here on base.  Love that chicken from Popeyes! I had a 3 egg breakfast. Then Popeyes spicy chicken for lunch and Popeyes spicy chicken for dinner along with hot poppers and garlic toasted bread. For snack I had popcorn then later cookies and milk.  It was great and I’m busting at the seams.  I was lucky.  I was near a rest room all day.  My system got an overload of grease and spicy food.

This morning my computer sounded like a friggin jet taking off.  It’s really hot underneath too.  I backed it up last week for the first time since last year so I’m ahead of the game that way.  I guess just keep on using it till it stops.

The sun came out this morning along with some warm temps and so did we did.  We puttered around outside for a couple of hours doing nothing special.  Then it got cloudy and rain followed.  Are we in Oregon or what?  It rained most of the day and the sun never came out again.

We are starting to plan our schedule after the Escapade,  again! We thought we had it pretty well planned out but as we all know life keeps on changing will thought out plans.  Looks like we might have to come up with some extra fuel money somewhere or just keep going down hill to save fuel.  Maybe only travel on days when the wind is to our back pushing us.  Yea right.  I’m just glad anymore when it’s not in our face.  Everything is up in the air right now so we wait for the dust to settle along with some more trimmings off the money tree.  Our tree is pretty well trimmed back so if anybody has one in full bloom let us know.  We will prune it for you no problem.

See ya……