Friday, May 17, 2013

Water Water Stop the Rain

Wasn’t there a 60’s song about stop the rain or something?

Anyhow, I figured since we were Oregon I might as well work on the water regulator.  I could just cut a hole in the roof and let the water run down to the tanks.  Our fresh water tank would be filled all the time.  The sun was out for about 15 minutes today.  I sure don’t know why.  Maybe to show people what they are missing.  The cool weather is nice though.

My regulator gauges don’t work anymore.  I’ve had several different types of gauges/regulators and they all seem to screw up after a couple of years.  Now I just buy cheap ones (gauges) at Lowe’s for $10 and don’t worry about it.  The big device is a house adjustable regulator.  I’ve had it about 5 years now.  I farted with it today for a good hour testing it.  It needs to be taken a part and cleaned.  It’s not holding the water pressure very long.  I tested it and tested it so I know it’s the regulator.  I put the old standard metal non adjustable regulator on and tested it.  It holds at 45 psi like it should.  The adjustable one I set at 60 psi. DSC_0001

If everything was working here’s what it would look like.  I have a gauge after the adjustable one to make sure it’s doing what it’s suppose to.  I will take it part when we get to the other campground.  There’s no picnic table to set at here.DSC_0004

Art & Caroline came over and we had lunch at the Elks here.  I tried a meat loaf sandwich.  You know, once every 65 years is about it for having this sandwich for me.  I had to put ketchup on it to have flavor.  Or was that to cover it up?   I’m not sure.  I don’t recall ever putting ketchup on a sandwich before.  Anyhow, the conversations were really good.  Then they took us on a tour.  You know, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart that kind of stuff.  We ended up at the Elks #336 in Salem.  We sat at the bar and had a couple of $1 draft beers.  That I like.  Next was a window tour of downtown Salem.  That was good.  Beer and riding in a car and I was falling asleep.  They took us back to our rig and I got my nap.  Thanks guys for the lunch and tour.  It was fun having you as our tour guides.

Tomorrow (Sat) is suppose to be the annual Iris Parade.  I think it’s Iris.  Some kind of flower parade.  Well, 70% chance of rain.  I don’t think the flowers will care.  It’s 7 AM right now (Sat) and it’s really pouring down hard.  If it was warm out I would go and wash the rig.  Yes, I’m one of those people.

See ya….