Sunday, May 12, 2013


I know it’s a day later when you read this so it’s late.  I type up the blog in the twilight hours after the day it happens.  Thus it’s later when you read it.  Makes sense to me.  It was my birthday too!

First we decided to go for breakfast.  It was a little early and the clouds were normal for here.DSCN1894   

You know, Sunday morning (7 AM) and there were hardly any restaurant places open.  We finally found one and it gave Carol 25% off her breakfast.  That means here coffee was free ($2.25).  The name was Pig N Pancake…  Weeeeeeee.DSCN1895

Back to the rig.  We had a big 35 miles to go today (Sunday) to a Thousand Trails park called Pacific City near that city. Route 101 would zig to the left, thenDSC_0006

zag to the right.  We usually were going about 40 MPH.DSC_0007  

We were here at this park years and years ago.  The park has changed some.  They still have rabbits roaming through out the park.  We saw four just driving in looking for a sight.  Plus here’s one checking us out.DSC_0012


We got 30 AMP/water and the rest room/showers are about 100 feet away if we want/need them.  The ocean is a couple of hundred yards away on the other side of the tree line.  We can hear the ocean waves breaking on the shore with ease.  We got sat TV and internet so we are at home for 4 nights.  The park we were told has about 80 rigs in here and it has over 400 sites.  It is not crowded at all.  We are here just a little before the season kicks off which is Memorial Day weekend. DSC_0017

It has a real nice club house with a view,DSC_0026

hot tub DSC_0024

and an indoor heated pool.DSC_0025 

and they got bears.  A poo expert, Carol, told me this was bear skat.  It had berries and all that neat stuff.  It was in two different locations.  Carol said she won’t be taking showers at the nearby rest rooms at night.  I told her to wear bells.DSC_0019 DSC_0029


And the rains came.  I got up on the roof and wiped off the satellite dish and then waxed it twice while it was raining lightly.  Got the TV back in so was good to go.DSC_0032

It was a very quiet evening for this now officially old man.