Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RVer’s To Do List

I have a To Do List for the Beast.  Today I did a few of those things and got to scratch them off.  I changed out some fittings on two sewer pipes.  I know that excites you.  I changed two of four water filters.  They weren’t real dirty but since I had them all apart what the hell.  Yes, we have 4 large water filters on the Beast.  It wasn’t on purpose it just ended of that way at no or very little cost.  I won three of the filters (new) for like a $5 bid at an auction.  The next thing I did was to replace a screw that I had broke off that helped a hold a rear fender well in place.  It was hard to get to put I finally got it replaced.  I guess you can say that I screwed that up.  That was a lot for me in one day.

I also did the last bit of corrections for the big email that I will send out to the Loosey Goosey Gang of 2014.  This is the Gang that is going to Alaska in 2014 with us.  Most of these people have not been and I just try to give them some insight as to what to expect.  It’s not a caravan but it’s structured such that people do not travel bumper to bumper.  By the way, we are beyond full.

Yesterday we went into town 30 miles away which is Yubba City.  While Carol did the wash I returned my coffee maker to Sam’s.  No problem what so ever.  Next was to exchange my shoes.  I’ve never had to return a pair of shoes ever.  This was a first.  I got a pair of New Balance at $10 more.  I didn’t like the Schetchers (?).   No problem.  Carol was done so I picked her up and we went to Walmart for some groceries since we were in the area.  I also got a lounge chair ($45).  I’d been looking for some time for one that I liked.  On the way back to camp we stopped at our little strawberry stand and got another 3 quarts for $6.  They are so sweet.

I think are plans for where to go from here are starting to firm up.  From here Friday we go to the Redding Elks for two nights.  I looked at the weather and it’s suppose to be 97 degrees Friday there.  Whoa……

See ya….