Friday, April 26, 2013

Line Dancing

Today was the Line Dancing Rally closing ceremonies.  But first it was to lunch with Ed/Sandy Kruty, Sue & Bruce Herriott.  We went to a little restaurant in Browns Valley.  I’ve already forgot the name of it.  There’s only two in the town along with a grocery store and a gas station.  They gave us a special table that could set all of us.  We talked more than we ate.  That’s unusual.  Sue & Bruce had questions since they are new VCR’s (Volunteer Club Reps) for the Escapees RV Club.  We basically just lied to them……no we didn’t.  Well, maybe just a little.  We couldn’t tell them about the VCR initiation.  It’s always been a secret.  Afterward lunch we all went our separate ways.

Time to eat again at the Line Dancing thing.  It’s a pot luck.  Same ole, same ole like any pot luck.DSCN1825

Then the closing ceremony with the awards and Thank You’s.DSCN1843

Carol got an award for shaking it the most.  Is that cup gold?DSCN1847

Another day in the exciting life of Driving Miss Daisy.

See ya….