Friday, April 5, 2013

Yea..Getting Ready

We leave tomorrow so why not disconnect everything except electric today?  No reason.  We won’t have electric, water or dump until Monday.  We won’t have any problems with our holding tanks.  We will carry about a half of tank of water which is about 50+ gallons for 3 days.  That’s more than enough.  Our weight is an actual 37,000 lbs a few hundred lbs don’t make a difference in anything.  We have the ability to carry another 7,000 lbs if you were wondering for a gross vehicle rating of 44,000 lbs. just for the coach.  Yes, that’s a lot.  Love that tag axle.   Another gross rating of 10,000 lbs for the tow vehicle which happens to weight about 4,000 lbs.  That’s a grand gross vehicle rating of 54,000 lbs.

Bird poo.  Don’t set next to trees if you don’t have to especially when it’s windy.  Does splatter bring any pictures to mind?.  These friggin Ravens are big.  Who feeds these things.  They need to be tighten up because they are loose as a goose.  Loosey Goosey?

Time to dust the Beast.  It’s easy as hell it just takes time.  The wax job makes it real easy.  Yes, I dusted the roof too.  The wheels are real shiny.

The Jeep…. while the Jeep was covered with dust it sat next to a sprinkler.  The water is not hard but it did leave a mess of spots.  Not pretty……I got them all off and it’ shiny.

It’s been nice doing nothing and seeing a few friends while here.  Tomorrow we see our special relatives.  Our daughter and my cousin.  I don’t remember when we saw them last.  It’s not that it was a long time ago. It’s the fact I just don’t remember.  Oh no, old age is here.  Nah not really, it’s been here.  My body keeps telling me so and as usual I don’t pay attention.

My cousin in Fresno just called.  He said that when we arrive at his place he will probably will be gone.  He said that he will leave the keys in the semis, more than one, and the fork lift also.  Just move them where I want so we can fit.  I never driven a fork lift.  This will be interesting.  The Fresno Elks are starting to look pretty good about now.  I think we will take the long and slow route to get there so maybe he will be home.  They did say on the news last night that very high winds are expected along our route.  Out here that’s usually serious.

So, see ya……..?