Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Traveling & Fuel Prices

Full Timing & Fuel.  I’m one of those people that watch fuel prices like a hawk.  It’s like a hobby for me.  I try to beat the system.  Us RVers can’t win the battle but we can save a little money here and there.  An example.  Right now California fuel prices are on a major increase.  I will stop in Bakersfield and fill up at $4.09 before any discounts.  That will get me up to Oregon (620 miles) where fuel at my next stop is 30 cents cheaper.  On that fill up I will save $30.  That’s two Cracker Barrel breakfasts.  I will fill up two more times in Oregon, once in Idaho and once in Wyoming before arriving in Gillette.  That’s about 2,700 miles in two and half months.  I can go 800 miles pretty easy between stops but I stop where fuel is less expensive.  I use http://autos.msn.com/everyday/gasstations.aspx  the most and sometimes http://www.albertagasprices.com/GasPriceSearch.aspx?typ=adv&fuel=D&srch=1&state=CA&tme_limit=36   I use Flying J’s web page also http://pilotflyingj.com/fuel-prices but they’re not to accurate.  Try them, you might get hooked.

For those headed to Alaska this year - Anchorage diesel today is about $4.25.  Edmonton, Alberta is $4.32 and in Dawson Creek, BC it is $4.93 a gallon.  I’ve made the conversions.

I just noticed my Sunday’s blog disappeared. I’ve never have had that happen before. Anyone know what could have happened? It’s the blog about the Little Green Man being ran over by Carol on her way to church. I know people saw it because I got some emails about it.  Very interesting……

We had lunch with Art & Caroline.   DSCN1760 Ahhhhh aren't they cute?

DSCN1756 DSCN1757

Now’s that’s a salad.DSCN1758

Then we went to the nearby Blum Ranch and got 2 lbs of fresh almonds for $10.  It’s an old farm that won’t be around much more.DSCN1761

Then we decide to go for a ride with no destination.  The Angeles National Forest sounded good.  Here’s a little campground with nobody home.DSCN1767

Carol put her stamp of approval on the outhouse. DSCN1765 DSCN1766

DSCN1763 DSCN1768

We stopped so Carol could smell the flowers.DSCN1769 DSCN1770 DSCN1771

The end…….DSCN1775

See ya………