Thursday, April 25, 2013

It’s O.K.

I went over to the shower (6:45 AM) and someone was using it.  O.K.  Went back 15 minutes later and the same guy was in it.  O.K.  Went back 1/2 hour later and he was gone.  I got a cold shower.  O.K.  I went back to the rig and Carol said she found a deer tick in our bed.  O.K.  Then I went over to Ed & Sandy’s site to mooch off their Trucker Antennae.  My MiFi card went dead. O.K.  It needed a charge.   Went back to my rig and charged the MiFi.  Went back out side to Ed & Sandy’s site.  Our new neighbor was playing his TV so loud that I could hear it three sites up and over one street.  O.K.  I had to reboot my computer to get on line.  O.K.  One neighbor doesn’t put his lab dog on a leash and is loose in their site.  O.K.  Our loud neighbor has a cat that is loose with a harness and lease on him and the guy is inside his rig.  O.K.   You know what is going to happen sooner or later, O.K.  Then a worker is riding around on an ATV spraying something around our rig & other areas (weed killer?).  O.K.   It’s not even friggin 9 AM.  You know, everything this morning is O.K.! 

After lunch Ed & I went 4 wheeling.  We went to the Yuba River and rode along the river. DSCN1808 DSCN1809  DSCN1811 DSCN1812


This jack rabbit kept running back and force in front of us as we went down this road.  When we got to some open ground I chased him with the Jeep.  He took off and left us alone after that.  He was having an O.K. day.DSCN1814


Bee hives..DSCN1813

We were on a road that we couldn’t do over 5 MPH for about 10 miles or so.  We came across this old place.DSCN1815


Then later on still on the rough road we came upon beautiful areas and then two palm trees?DSCN1816

This was a small heard of horses of several large ones we saw.DSCN1817

Ed & I were gone about 3 hours.  Then back at the rally….today was purple day.DSCN1821 

It was an O.K. day.

See ya….