Saturday, April 13, 2013

Market Day & Early arrivals

Not the food market.  The market area is where the vendors are located at a rally.  There they sell their products to us RVers.  Most of their products are RV related and some are a stretch.

Today we sat up their areas so they can set up their booths when they arrive which some did.  Carol & I being retired vendors know a little about arriving at an event and wanting to get set up.  We will also show them their RV sites and help them get parked.  We are here to support them in their jobs and appreciate them coming.  It’s a two way street for sure.

It was a busy day for everybody and a big learning curve.  It went in spurts for parking with their early arrivals and us with marketing.

It was a long day for all and everything got accomplished.  Tomorrow (Sun) will even go up a couple of notches with the majority of the people coming in.  We had one RVer come in last night at 8 PM and Ed parked them in the dark.  They were a day early also.   Then they wanted the security gates left open after 9 PM so they could go out and eat.  I almost lost it during their demand to go out and eat.  Security handled it while I walked away.  Nick I think would have said go ahead out and eat and don’t come back.

Anyhow, we’re tired.

See ya….

See ya…..