Monday, April 22, 2013

The Rally Begins – Line Dancing

I was up at 3 AM.  Reconfigured our summer/winter/spring/summer schedules/plans.  Yes, I do that kind of stuff.  At 5:30 AM I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep so I got up at 6 AM.  I took a shower then headed up the hill to send several days of blogs and check my cell phone voice mail.  I did that for about 1 1/2 hours on computer and MiFi batteries.  Back to the rig and Carol was up.  Then we saw this heard of deer that came thru our site.

opps..I forgot the camera chip 

We went up to the club house at 9 AM so Carol could get started with her line dancing rally.  I stayed and went on the internet that is free.  Carol finished up about noon and we went back to the rig.

Carol went back to her rally at 2 PM and returned about 3:30 PM.

We saw some more deer and jack rabbits during our evening walk.

Just a basic good day…

See ya….