Saturday, April 27, 2013

Campground Showers

I have used these showers here at this campground for the past 9 days more than I have used any in the past 10 years - total.  I don’t like campground showers.  There dirty.  It’s that simple to me.  Since we will be here for two weeks and don’t have sewer hookup, I’ve been using the campground showers.  Maybe I am too cheap to pay the $15 for the mobile dump guy or too lazy to break camp and dump and then set up again.  OR, maybe both! 

When we pulled in and set up I filled our fresh water tank and then disconnected the water.  It’s a way I double check the gauges for the holding tanks.

Normally we can go about 6-7 days without adding water and dump without over kill on conservation.  We have 110 gallons of fresh water, 55 sewer and 65 gallons of grey capacities.  Normally we travel with about 25-45 gallons of fresh water.  When we need to make time we carry the 110 gallons of water.  It’s no big deal for this big coach.  Fully loaded going down the road with everything we still can carry an additional 7,000 lbs of “stuff”.  That’s pretty normal for most coaches with tag axles.  Love that tag axle for carrying capacity.  You just can’t do that with a two axle coach or 5th wheel.  Our fuel mileage stays the same which is about 6+ MPG.  I have to get financing every time we pull into a truck stop to fill up.

When we leave here we will probably stay at an Elks for 2-3 nights then into a full hook up campground.  So, we will leave with a full fresh water tank probably.   Why hook up to an unknown water source when you don’t have to.  Plus you don’t have to worry about hoses, pressure, quality and all that stuff.

Today’s blog means that we didn’t do anything today except Carol line danced and I watched NASCAR.

Oh yea….When you read this, Denny & Susie have crossed the Canadian border and are on their way to Alaska.  True it is early but they will be spending some time in Canada before heading in the cold weather.  They might have a blog and if so I will pass it on.

See ya…..