Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good RVing Friends

Today I got up at 5 AM (1/2 hr) and did the blog.  Back in bed until 9 AM.  That’s rare.

I fixed  the Beast’s radiator cover that came loose.  No big deal just a bigger screw.  Also a fender wheel was missing a screw and fixed that too.

I met the neighbor, Jeff, and talked to him for awhile.  Him and his wife Loren were in their 1st year of full timing to see if they like it.  He had a lot of questions which was fine.  Us full timers love to talk.  Their on they’re way to Alaska so I gave them a bunch of information on that which I think will be helpful.  I asked them to stop at Lodi for the Western Tri Chapter rally to get their feet wet.  They don’t belong to any clubs. 

We went to dinner with Steve & Laura at Applebee’s.  Same ole food and good.  Steve… same ole buzzard with the beautiful wife (points)…opppps..he reads this…..Steve is a great guy and can smoke pork.   He paid me to take this picture……Thanks guys…it was great chating with you all.DSCN1777 Why is his one finger sticking out?

Tomorrow (Thursday) is Wal-Mart Day.  Got to go to the bank and see if they spilt any money out. Plus, got to see if they will finance a fill up at the flying J Saturday.

Friday will be bird day.  What is bird day……we are parked under a tree and these birds eat a lot.

See ya.