Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marking Spots

About 5 of us men went out to two large lots this morning and marked our spots.  Since we hadn’t been drinking beer yet we used orange paint.  This was to identify parking spaces for the RVs  at this weekend’s rally here in Lodi.  It will be an interesting day when they come in.  I’m in charge of the Market Area.  Basically helping the vendors get situated.  I also have the responsibility of taking photos and duly assigned by Walt & Kellie Gunn, the organizers, as the official photographer.  That means I can stand around and look im-po-tant.  First duty is the vendors though.

We finished up the lots about 11 or so.  Come around 4 o’clock we had our group meeting.  We had two new couples who joined the staff.  The advance staff is now complete.   The meeting was very informative.  Since this is our first time for Lodi anything was informative.

About 6 PM 6 of us went to the local china buffet for dinner.  It was just OK…. $9 bucks a person.  We didn’t leave until about 8 PM which means we were either talking or eating all of that time.

It’s 1:30 AM and time to go for a walk around.  I wonder if I will run into Art.

See ya.