Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fuel My Butt

I don’t worry about fuel prices.  I track them so I know where to save a few dollars.  No big amount of time spent on doing this.  Our next fuel stop will be in Central Point, OR (650 miles) in early May at a Love’s.  Diesel today is $3.77 there.  I went back in the two plus years of fuel records for the Beast.  We’ve only got fuel one other time in CA and it was last Sept and we paid $4.39 for diesel in Visalia.  10 times above $4 bucks a gallon total in the U.S.  The highest we ever paid was $5.45 in Watson Lake, Yukon in 2011.  Last year we paid $4.48 in Richfield, UT which is the highest we paid ever anywhere in the lower 48 states. Out of a total of 70 fill ups the Beast has averaged above 7 MPG only 14 times.  And 12 times below 6 MPG.  The Beast is right at the 40,000 miles mark.  It’s broke in.

Although we went 225 miles the bugs didn’t come out until the last 50 miles or so.  Seems like farmers like to set their bee hives next to the road.  Then they wonder what’s killing their bees. DSC_0002 Anyhow, I cleaned that windshield real good and even got the smear streaks out.  I also polished the Beast and the wheels again with furniture polish.  Yes, I did.

Here we are at Sanford's & Son’s Junk Yard.  No hook ups and we didn’t need them. DSC_0003 DSC_0004


Here’s where my cousin David keeps is trucks and stuff.DSC_0005

Carol picking oranges in Dave’s backyard.DSC_0006

The cat thinks she can’t be seen.DSC_0008

Here’s our daughter.  Looks like me don’t she!  We might tell her she’s adopted next year.DSC_0009