Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moving Day & O.F.F. Ring

Not us!  Ed & Sandy decided to move into a site across from them that became empty this morning.  It’s level plus they will be able to get sat TV there.

I watched NASCAR while Carol went thru bedroom cabinets.  She found “stuff” that she forgot she had.

Oh, this morning we didn’t have electricity when I got up.  Somehow we blew the circuit breaker at the outside pedestal.  That’s very rare for us because we have gizmos that prevent that.  We had nothing on except our hydro hot heating system (electric side not diesel).  Hard to say at this point.

We sat outside with Ed & Sandy while their dog and our cat tried to make friends.  Our cat didn’t really want to.  Then the cat watched a nearby deer.DSC_0001

The cat loved being outside for several hours with us.DSC_0002


We cooked our meal on the grill like Ed & Sandy.  Aren’t they cute?DSC_0003

Later that evening we went over to their place and enjoyed their O.F.F.   That’s a LP fire ring for old people.  When you are done you just turn it off and go in.  No fire to worry about plus no smoke.  O.F.F. stands for Old Fart Fire. 

Remember we have no WiFi or cell phone.  The blogs will be in sequence by days but maybe 2-3 days entered at one time.

See Ya…