Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Someone Turned Off The Fan Finally

Whew…finally the wind has died down.  Glad we only hit one day of driving in it which was Monday.  We’re parked on a nice grassy area (50 AMP/water) with no dirt around.  Aren’t we lucky for sure.  Plus we got other rigs with 10 feet of either side of us for wind blockage and shade.  It’s time to dust the Beast since the wind has died and no rain predicted for two weeks…yea….DSC_0018

Here’s Walt working the phoneDSC_0025

Here I am workingDSC_0027


We are getting directions from WaltDSC_0032

the areas are ready.DSC_0033


Here we are trying to figure out Walt’s directionDSC_0035 DSC_0043


We will follow Walt everywhereDSC_0049


Time to go….DSC_0056


I might be losing Carol.  Wait, you forgot the bills.DSC_0066


Talking over last minute details….again.DSC_0067

It was another good day…I think I got sunburn..

See ya….