Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hitch Up

Today was hitch up day for attendees here at the W.A.R.E. Rally.  People are hitching up and leaving.  It was nice to meet up with friends and sad to say “See Ya” to them.  Most people were gone by about noon.  There were some things that needed to be taken care of by the staff.  My duties/responsibilities were few and minor in the over all picture.  It was a slow & quiet day. 

For dinner the main staff got together for our last meal together.  We shared some funny stories and a few “other” stories.  I feel this was a tight staff and will not be together again as the same staff.  Next year not all staff members will be able to return for various reasons.  We will return to Texas in March 2014 after not being there for about 15 months.  Mostly for medical reasons and prepping for our trip to Alaska and the 2014 Escapade first.

It’s been a real good & fun 11 days.  Our black water tank is full and our grey water is almost there too.  Time to move up the road.

See ya.