Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cook Day

Today we are practicing cooking on ourselves.  We will be cooking a dinner for over 300 attendees next week.  So, we decided to cook the meals for ourselves first but on a smaller scale.  This will give us a better idea of how much to cook for the group.  We will have salad, garlic bread, Cowboy Beans and TriTip.

I started the Cowboy Beans about 8 AM and prepared enough for about 40 people.  It will cook all day.  It contains pinto beans, black beans, pork & beans, cilantro, garlic, dill, beef, cumin, black pepper, mesquite liquid smoke & onion.  Here’s my little cooking area in the staff planning room.DSC_0073

Here’s the beef….DSC_0074


This was about 20 lbs of TriTip that the guys were working on.DSC_0077

People standing by to eat…DSC_0078

Here’s what’s left of about 10 lbs.  We under cooked it a little but an oven finished the job.DSC_0079

Mark arrived earlier in the day.  George & Valerie of the RV Driving School came in about dark.  We saved them a plate of dinner.

It was a pretty good prep day for all I believe.  We learned a lot.  Tomorrow we set up tables (18) in the Market Area for the vendors.  We have a couple of vendors arriving Friday and the majority will arrive Saturday.

The advance staff is working very well together because we help each other which is very important in something like this.  We are working together for one goal…”get er done!”

See ya…